Welcome to Sumo Card.

What is it?

Sumo card is an interactive Japanese vocabulary learning environment which aims to promote vocabulary learning in conjunction with widely available content such as readings, songs and short stories.

How does it work?

You can either create your own or use others vocabulary lists which will be used to quiz on the words in that list. They are added into a vocabulary pool that you are subsequently quizzed on. it is prefered that the packages to be based around a short story, news article, song or video that is freely available.

What are the specifics?

You add a list of words to your current pool and the word begins with a rank of 十両 じゅうりょうwhich in sumo is the rank below the Rank and File 前頭 まえがしら. We use this rank to begin in Sumo Card for the sake of simplicity. Similar to real sumo, there are specific promotion criteria detailed below. These criteria are not exactly the same as real sumo for simplicities sake.

Rank Base Time between questions Question Type Promotion Criteria
十両 18 Hours Single Choice Get >= 5 questions correct per run
前頭 48 hours Multiple Choice Get >= 5 questions correct per run
小結 3 days Free Response Get >= 5 questions correct per run
関脇 7 days Free Response Get >= 5 questions in two successive runs
大関 14 days Free Response Get >= 7 questions in two successive runs
横綱 28 days Free Response No Promotion Available

There is also a buffer time which is randomly created and added to the base time to attempt to spread out the words so the same quiz groups do not contain the same words all the time.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy, when you create an account, the Sumo Card Default Pack is automatically added into your active queue. You can begin by clicking on the Play Icon in your menu bar and your first quiz will start.

The Quiz Card

  • Card Number - This is a unique identifier for the word.
  • Current Rank - This is your current rank for this particular word.
  • (Win / Total) Correct Pct - This is the number of times you have answered a question for this word correctly and the total number of times you have been asked a question for this word. The Percentage is your current 'win' percentage. (Winning in this case is answering the question correctly.)
  • Answer Box - This is a text box in which you can type your answer. (In the event of a single, double or multiple choice question, clicking on the correct answer in the Pre-populated Answer Choices area will submit your answer.)
  • Pre-populated Answer Choices - These are single, double or multiple choice options to make answering the question easier. Simply click or tap on the correct answer and it will be submitted. [Depending on your current rank, these might not be available.]
  • Item Inventory - These items are dropped after specific criteria are met. You can read more about items here.

Word Selection for Quizzes

Each quiz contains a maximum of either 10, 25 or 50 words (this is configurable) with a minimum of 10 words required to start a quiz. If you have less than 10 words available, you must wait until more words become available. (You can check this in the Banzkue (番付) section, under the user icon. There is a graph labled (予定) which shows the total number of words for the next seven days, as well as any remaining words from past days.